Every day, many children struggle with school related academic issues. The majority of these children perform poorly in reading, writing, spelling, and/or math. For some children, these difficulties are temporary or  considered “adjustment issues”, and in most cases resolve with tutoring and maturity, but unfortunately for others it is a disability that can affect them through their entire life. Most children with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, which is the most common LD in the United States, have normal or above intelligence,  however they may require specific academic support different that just basic tutoring or " resource room".  


If your child is struggling with reading, writing, sounding out words, handwriting, planning or math, it is important that you rule out the posibility of a learning disorder.  To download a check list: CLICK HERE.


For other children, it could be ADHD, a common disorder which affects about 10-15% of all school aged children. Irregardless of the diagnosis, many children can develop behavior issues that arise from years of being frustrated and embarassed and can develop into problems such as oppositional behavior or anxiety as a result of their learning struggles and negative experience.


To download more information on ADHD: CLICK HERE


If  you have been asked by your teacher to discuss your childs inattentiveness or hyperactivitiy with your pediatrician, WE CAN DEFINATELY HELP YOU!  We provide diagnostic and therapeutic support for ADHD for all our patients.  



During the diagnositic phase of our consultation, we will perform a Quotient® ADHD Neurocognitive Test.  This state of the art system provides a detailed motional analysis in addition to a complex attention profile for the child.

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