Julio C. Guerra, MD, FAAP

Ricki L. Gottlieb, MD, FAAP

Beth Gelman, MD, FAAP

Barbara Baggstrom, RN, MSN, APN

Michelle Bartlett, RN, MSN, APN


Medical Staff


The doctors and nurse practitioners at College Plaza Pediatrics provide collectively over 100 years of pediatric medical experience. All our pediatricians are all Board Certified by the American Board of Pediatrics, an independent, nonprofit organization whose certificate is recognized throughout the world as a credential signifying a high level of physician competence.  Our doctors are also Fellows of the American Academy of Pediatrics, an organization of over 60,000 pediatricians committed to the attainment of optimal physical, mental, and social health and wellbeing for children of all ages.  Our Advanced Nurse Practitioners are also board certified in pediatrics.


An advanced practice nurse (APN) is a registered nurse who has completed graduate education and training at a Masters or Doctorate level. Nurse Practitioners (NP) are recognized nationally and must obtain board certification in their area of specialty in the state of New Jersey.  APNs have acquired the expert knowledge base for diagnosing a wide range of acute and chronic illnesses, as well as provide appropriate treatment for patients including, ordering, interpreting diagnostic tests and prescribing medications. APNs individualize care that focuses on the patients' needs making prevention, education and wellness a priority.  

Dr. Guerra with one of his many favorite patients.

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